Aluminium Cuff Bracelet – Jesus Green Tree Branches Aqua Blue – CB05


Aluminium Cuff Bracelet – Jesus Green Tree Branches Aqua Blue by Natural Light Design.

Contemporary abstract jewellery, beautifully detailed blue bangle for casual or formal dress.

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The avenue of trees in Jesus Green, Cambridge regularly feature on tourist postcards, however I’ve taken a more analytical approach looking at the interaction of the branches. Printed in aqua blue with crimson red on the back, the translucent metallic finish is really stunning.

The aluminium cuff bracelet has been formed into a gentle anti-clastic form in my workshop making it strong, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Available in two sizes, adjustable and can be gently shaped to fit your own wrist. As each piece is handmade, variation in shape may occur.

Waterproof , scratch resistant and non-tarnish suitable for everyday use.

Naturally hypo-allergenic suitable for sensitive skin.

Presented in a stylish gift box for easy gift wrapping.

Made to order.


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