The Cambridge Collection

Handcrafted products from the Cambridge Workshop

Midsummer Common Cuff Bracelet

Beautifully detailed aluminium cuff bracelet in mint green and aubergine.

Midsummer Common Tree Plum Cuff

Handcrafted – Camera – Darkroom – Workshop.

Floral Garden Black Purple Cuff Bracelet

Handmade in Cambridge

Tree Tops Monochrome Cuff

From the Jesus Green Series of Tree Portraits

Two Jesus Green Trees Plum Cuff Bracelet


Aluminium cuff handcrafted in Cambridge

Crimson Red Tree Branches Cuff Bracelet


Abstract tree study around Jesus Green

Jesus Green Tree Earth Brown Cuff Bracelet


Handcrafted in Cambridge

Midnight Garden Blue and Purple Cuff Bracelet

Handcrafted from camera to workbench.

Midnight Garden Royal Purple Cuff Bracelet

Handmade in Cambridge

Midnight Garden Purple and Orange Cuff Bracelet

Handmade aluminium jewellery